Felix´s 911S

Felix´s 911 S

Not every day the stars are aligned to intermingle the history of one of the iconic brands of the automotive industry with one of the great promoters of our country. We are talking about Porsche, the brand founded in Stuttgart in 1931, and Felix Rodriguez de la Fuente, a nature lover who for 20 years taught an entire country to respect our fauna. Added to all this is that the vehicle we are talking about today is owned by the González family, which, as they demonstrated with our interview with the BMW E21, treat all of their cars with great care.

While Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente was rising to fame in the early 60s for his documentaries on falconry funded by the Government of Spain, in Germany, Porsche launched its then known as 901, later called 911, because Peugeot had commercially registered in France all three-digit numbers with a 0 in between. Porsche, who had already made the numbers that were going to go in their cars, used the remaining numbers that were available, 9 and 1, calling it 911.

Porsche 911 Félix Rodíguez de la Fuente

The history of this 911s in particular begins when Felix acquired this unit as a personal reward in 1974 at a time when the purchase of luxury cars was very restricted being seriously taxed by the government of Spain. This 911, when it was taken care of by Felix, it carried out the assiduous and meticulous maintenance. In the year 1980 the disseminator dies in a tragic plane crash in Alaska; the car remained stopped and was in charge of his daughter who years later put it into operation and made 10,000km with him. For the next 16 years the Porsche was stored by an Audi dealership in Madrid, a friend of the family.

This story continues with his second owner, a motorcycle collector from Alicante, who saw him at the dealership and became interested on him, but the road to acquire it was not easy, he had to contact the widow of Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente , Marcelle Parmentier, who only could be contacted by handwritten letter, this interested buyer managed to get in touch with the widow who told him that she wouldn’t sell the car. Some time later, the dealership closed and the family decided to sell the car. After the years this second owner put it up for sale, until José Antonio found it when he was looking for a sportive car.

Porsche 911 Félix Rodíguez de la Fuente

When the car arrived to the González family, it was repainted due to the paint defects that it had, as well as giving it a missing headlight and rear-view mirror and incorporating fog lights. With regard to the maintenance of this car with only 65,000km does not have too much complication because Porsche has a great possibility of spare parts in addition to keeping all its original documentation. Of origin besides repairing the defects with which it came, new shock absorbers were mounted, but they are still the same model of origin.

The Porsche 911 was presented in 1964 in the Frankfurt saloon, replacing the Porsche 356, initially it was equipped with a rear 2-liter boxer engine that had 6 cylinders and 130 CV, 160 HP in the first 911, but it will increase the displacement adding the engine of 2.2l in 1969 and the 2.4 in 1971. It is not until 1974 when the 911 receives a total redesign of its body by adding bumpers with plastic bellows in the American market to overcome the harsh criteria imposed U.S. In the rest of the models a tubular structure was installed to absorb the impacts, but this had to be renewed in case of hitting it. The engine was a 2.7 also boxer of 6 cylinders and 150CV, 175 the 911s, but equipping the electronic injection BOSCH K-Jetronic built a year earlier in the Carrera RS unlike the previous models that had mechanical injection and aluminium rims . These would be the last models of the first generation of 911, in 1975 the 930 series would arrive. It is not until 1998 in its 996 generation that Porsche changes one of the traditional characteristics of its 911 and that it changes its mythical air-cooled to a system of water-cooled propulsion.

This 911s with its 2.7l engine has a hand accelerator system to start it according to its owner tells us in winter it is necessary to keep it longer to start the car, it also tells us that it is a vehicle that gives its best response between 5000 and 6000rpm as well as having a very direct address is like driving a kart although sometimes it is somewhat rough.

As curious details, say that the car has a sticker that indicates the air pressure of the wheels to go above 200km / h, as well as a chamois in the access to the fuel tank so it is not scratched when refuelling. This Porsche 911s retains its original documentation in addition to its original tool set.

When you think of a car with a rear boxer engine and rear-wheel drive, what comes to your mind is 911, this model is part of the history of motorsport, having a great success in racing, winning in the 24h Le Mans, in the Targa Fiorio or in the 24 hours of Daytona among others, in addition to its success in the streets being a guarantee of an excellent dynamic behaviour. The 911 means Porsche and Porsche means History, understanding this is easy to find why Felix Rodriguez de la Fuente when he could afford a sports car chose this car. It is also understandable that the Gonzalez family cares so much about this car and that despite driving it from time to time they enjoy every minute with him, they have already played a regularity rally although they do not usually use it too much because of the respect it requires to get it out of the garage , is a vehicle that calls for both its sound and its aesthetics and, for us as Petroulheads, it is a pleasure to enjoy it.

Porsche 911 Félix Rodíguez de la Fuente

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