Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3

Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3


As motorsport enthusiastic, we enjoy apart from learning a bit more about cars, meeting the secrets which cars keep as well as the reason for their production. Then, why not to share it with you?

This is the story, specifically about a 190 E 2.3 16v, a car that belongs to its current owner, Federico, who still enjoys and uses it day per day since more than two decades ago.

Mercedes 190 is a vehicle launched in the middle of the 80s, a period politically influenced by the Cold War and the USSR decline, musically by the release of Michael Jackson’s Thriller or the beginning of the band Guns n’ Roses and with regards to the vehicles industry, many different legends like BMW M3 E30 or the Ford Sierra Cosworth, some of its direct rivals, were developed and VW Golf, Mazda MX-5 or the Ferrari F40 which were authentic leaders on their own segments.

The model was born from the need of the Stuttgart brand to make their vehicles more affordable in the moment when Mercedes-Benz was focused on luxury cars. In order to achieve this aim, they launched the W201 in 1982 and specifically this version with a 4 cylinders engine, 2.300cc and 16 valves. The engine head was improved by Cosworth reaching 185hp and a top speed of 235Kph.

Mercedes 190 started the laureate partnership with AMG that continues designing the most radical versions of the brand today, and all because of the whim of Ringo Star (The Beatles’ drummer) of performing his own unit.

The brand boasts about its high reliability until now, which is impressive considering its wide equipment (as, for instance, sunroof, air conditioner, ABS system, headlamp cleaning…) As Federico claims: “It has never failed”. The car´s body is 4,4 meter sedan with a sportive and luxury design being loyal to brand’s style. This car has an acclaimed 5 arms suspension.

Currently Federico says that the car is still on its genuine state, petrol consumption is not excessive (around 10 litres per 100 km), it’s versatile to go wherever you need, definitely it was a great car being still as good as actual cars.

BMW developed M3 E30 in 1986 as reaction to Mercedes great performance sedan. In fact, it’s been told that some M3 parts were based on star branded car company. Besides E30 was the most popular car by petrolheads, Federico prefers the 190. “I would never changed it by no means”.

This is the story of an alive legend that perhaps E30 popularity made it a little bit forgotten. However, it deserves to be remembered when the brand that formed our passion reached the popular classes with luxury cars.

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