Club Nipón Ourense

Club Nipón ourense


When we were thinking about how to start with this exciting project, PetrOUlheads, our main aim consisted on explaining the stories that surround every car and their owners. From now on we are going to talk about cars, our passion, throughout the experiences that our interviewees will tell us.

There is no better way to begin than with our friends from Club Nipón Ourense. A group that enjoy a lifestyle around Japanese cars. Since years ago, they keep sharing moments and an uncommon passion unknown in the city until then. The community is known popularly as “The Troop” and their main principle is fellowship. In fact, when anyone needs help, they cooperate to solve the problem.

First steps weren’t easy, all of them contributed to build up the group that we know nowadays, inviting Japanese car owners to enter the group. Today, 40 members show not only the desire to entry but the appropriate attitude to keep in the community recognized as Yakuza in the city.

Club Nipon represents respect. Both stock and tuned car are allowed, nonetheless people are the paramount part. Rides are just the pretext to enjoy. “Everybody can entry the group but not anybody is able to entry” as the administrators of the group claimed. In order to join the community, members check if pretenders are compatible with them. Proper behaviour is a key requirement and the right to own stickers and merchandising of the group is the rewarding for it.

This group don’t think about boundaries in which refers to growing, their unique intention is to make their passion known in Ourense showing how different styles can cohabit.

In spite of the fact that combining daily life with leisure is tough, they always find time for a coffee and chat. This all pays the effort.

As you can see in the images, these cars made in Japan have an authentic look improved along the years. Some of them catch the eye with their rarity and exclusivity.

To follow Club Nipon’s activity is easy. They have Facebook page (Club Nipon Ourense)and Instagram account (@club_nipon_ourense). They have met a lot of people in the country who even visited the group in several occasions, going home impressed by the camaraderie and complicity from the organization.

This Club has reached interesting achievements, like closing part of the parking of PonteVella mall in the Fast & Furious premiere, participating at motor events in the region, from routes of classic cars to trackdays in Choqueiro’s circuit.

In the competition issue, the troop is proud of taking part in Galician Rallye Championship with a Nissan 350Z participating with it in the golden weddings of the Rallye Ourense, one of the prime rallyes in Spain, making their childhood illusion true.

This isn’t the end, it remains a lot of Milles to drive and they are preparing their birthday event in February. We don’t stop neither, if you like our project, we will pleased to bring more contents. Welcome to PetrOUlheads!

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