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bmw m3 e36

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It is never easy to improve yourself, or that is what BMW should have thought when tried to devise a successor to its successful M3 E30. But in 1992 at the Paris Motor Show presented the second generation of its already historic saga worldwide known as M3. The first model presented would be the one mounting the engine of 3 liters that gave a power of 282CV, this model would not come out in the American market, where a less powerful version of 240 HP was offered to comply with US environmental legislation. The first model presented would be the one mounting the engine of 3 liters that gave a power of 282hp, this model would not come out in the American market, where a less powerful version of 240hp was offered to comply with US environmental legislation. The same thing happened when, in 1995, an edition with a displacement of 3,200cc that improved the performance of its predecessor was presented in the Frankfurt show, while in Europe it had 316hp and a 6-speed Getrag manual gearbox that would be used in the internal part of the new SMG (Sequential M Gearbox) in America was offered with the same 240hp and identical gearbox that the 3.0, maintained the same compression ratio offered in the old continent but changing crankshaft, exhaust and intake systems , valves and other internal components, the latest will be our protagonist today.

bmw m3 e36 hood

M3 means character, sportsmanship, nerve, aggressiveness, history. Today we bring you a special M3. It is an E36 brought from the United States that is totally different from what we can see on our roads. This unit belongs to Johnny, a boy who carries cars in his heart. The story of how he got this M3 started with his search for a 328i. But just when he got his driver’s license, this car appeared thanks to a friend of his boss, who brought it to him , so he could test it. He did not hesitate and bought it.

bmw m3 e36 owner

What makes this BMW special apart from its magnificent state of preservation is the multitude of details that its owner has incorporated to it like: brake calipers painted in black with the M in red, the front splitter and rear diffuser with hydro printing in carbon, of which Johnny confesses that it was difficult to find a place where they were able to adapt the vinyl to the whimsical forms of the rear defense, a RC Racing exhaust tips that accentuates more, if possible, the sporty aspect of this E36 equipping it also with an even deeper sound, the 18inch Fox wheels or a three-spoke OMP displaced steering wheel that fits perfectly inside the Bavarian. On the other hand, the numerous extras available to this unit such as: the sunroof, the full onboard computer, the speed limiter or the leather seats, also contribute to make this vehicle a unique unit.

bmw m3 e36 seat
bmw m3 e36 exhaust

Its owner, mechanically, has also incorporated numerous improvements such as Bilstein B6 shock absorbers with Eibach springs, rear turret bar handmade and, with the intention of achieving the power of the European model, installed its admission, freer of regulatory restrictions providing an increase in air flow of 30%.

bmw m3 e36 suspension
bmw m3 e36 steering wheel interior

Despite more than 25 years from its design, the E36 is still valid according to the current canons and as you can see in the images the imported variant of Johnny is much more aggressive, as far as aesthetics are concerned, than the one sold in Europe with which it differed in: fenders, fins, the plastic moldings, the spoiler, mirrors or the lack of external rear fog lights and the frame, which indicates the speed also in miles and the instantaneous consumption in miles per gallon or degraded rev limiter and the lower part of the center console which is elevated.

bmw m3 e36 front light

This vehicle maintained the rivalry with the also German Mercedes, in this case with the C36 AMG and with the last era of its successful previous model, the 190E, that we already analyzed here in PetrOUlheads. A battle already diluted by the determination of the Stuttgart brand to manufacture luxurious models for the wealthier classes, while BMW brought sportsmanship closer to the popular classes.

bmw m3 e36 roundabout

Johnny found himself by chance with the car of his dreams, without first thinking about him. Thanks to this passion and his way of putting it to his taste, we are in front of a great example of BMW M3 E36, which is not only different because it is an American edition in Europe, is different because it is Johnny‘s E36 and all the time and love that its owner has gave to it.

bmw m3 e36 driving

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